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Reviews and opinions on the latest Acura brand products and vehicles.

Flashback to 1990: Road & Track Reviews the NSX

Hello and welcome. If you’re reading this, you’ve stumbled through a wrinkle in time and are now back in the year 1990. All the cool kids carry Walkman cassette players, Chuck E. Cheese is still a thing, and Honda has just released an exciting experimental sports car through their off-shoot division, Acura. You find yourself […]

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Test Drive Review – 2015 Acura TLX

When we were test-driving the 2015 TLX the other day, the question of identity came up. We were talking to Doug Focht, our sales associate, about how it can be difficult to pin down Acura’s identity when writing about the brand. He was riding shotgun with us, and we could tell he was thinking about it […]

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“Never Go Anywhere Else” than Leith Acura

For every brand of car, you’ll likely find a handful of dealerships who sell its makes and models. There are several Acura dealerships within a relatively short commute of each other. The vehicles on each lot offer the same body styles, features, and options; that begs the question of “what makes the difference?” It all […]

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